RAMY LEGAL AID SERVICES Official Secrets Act, 1923 is Pakistan’s Anti Espionage Act and was enacted to consolidate and amend the laws relating to official secrets in Pakistan. It states clearly that actions which involves helping an enemy state against Pakistan. It also states that one cannot approach, inspect or even pass over a prohibited […]

Procedure of Divorce (Khula) in Pakistan

Divorce Law in Pakistan   When husband and wife cannot live happily together within the limits prescribed by Allah Almighty then they can dissolve their marriage through divorce or khula.   The husband can pronounce divorce and khula is the right of a wife in Islam to seek dissolution of marriage from her husband through […]

Inheritance Law of Islam (Sharia law of Inheritance)

(اسلامی شرعی وراثتی قانون)     Inheritance Definition:   According to the author of Darul Mukhtar, inheritance is called Faraiz because Allah has Himself framed rules for division of heritage. Inheritance means legal and arithmetical principles whereby the right of everybody in the estate of a deceased person is ascertained. (Darul Mukhtar P. 429)   […]

Benami Law in Pakistan (بینامی قانون)

    BENAMI TRANSACTIONS: The benami transaction is any transaction in which property is transferred to one person for a consideration paid by another person. Benami Transaction is fully recognised in Pakistan. Burdon of Proof: Whenever a person alleges a transaction to be of Benami, the initial onus lies on him to prove the same, […]

Aaqnama Law in Pakistan (قانونِ عاق نامہ)

    Q. Does “Aaqnama” has any legal effact? Is it permitted in islamic Law?   Aaq Nama has no legal value in Pakistan Legal system. It is unislamic and not part of our law. Even if a person gives an advertisement in the newspaper for aaq nama it has no value. The person named […]

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