Aaqnama Law in Pakistan (قانونِ عاق نامہ)

Aaqnama Law in Pakistan (قانونِ عاق نامہ)



Q. Does “Aaqnama” has any legal effact? Is it permitted in islamic Law?

  Aaq Nama has no legal value in Pakistan Legal system. It is unislamic and not part of our law. Even if a person gives an advertisement in the newspaper for aaq nama it has no value. The person named in the Aaq nama has full entitlement to the legacy of his parents and others from whom he can inherit property. However, a person can deprive his children from inheriting by gifting the property in his life to someone. However a person on the death bed can only gift up to 1/3rd of his property and the period for determination of death bed is 6 months.

     Acording to the Islamic law, such daughter or son would never be deprived from his / her legacy beacuse legacy is a right given by SHARIA Law in Islam. The father can use, destroy or dispose off his property in his own way but after his death, his legal heirs are entitled to get their shares according to Sharia. The only value of “Aaqnama” is that the father has no responsibility about the deeds of his son or daughter.


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